The Citys is enrolling a 여성유흥알바 parttime publicizing and advancing coordinator. Execute the city’s online media and automated correspondences framework and help the endlessly publicizing director in making, arranging and doing the city’s electronic media channels. H2 Public Relations is looking for a special online media and PR student to join H2 Public Relations’ little Chicago store quarterly on a parttime reason.

Students and progressing graduated class searching for a genuine contribution with promoting are encouraged to go after a publicizing impermanent position with B2 Communications. Employment open entryways in publicizing recall senior level circumstances for advancing correspondences, corporate relations, well known appraisal research, not-for-benefit raising help and preparing, political crusading, and battling affiliations. Related information in PR, correspondences, advancing and media is significantly charming as PR is a vicious calling.

Students in the Master of Public Relations program typically cultivate capable formed and oral social capacities, focus on all pieces of the media, and learn methods for arranging, surveying, and managing the public image of individuals, associations, and affiliations. The development and setup of the Master of Public Relations program vacillates by school and program, yet full-time students can by and large completion these ventures in one to two years, while parttime students can require three years or more. These graduated class handles usually fuse business, organization, making, correspondence, and computer programming courses.

Degree with courses in promoting, correspondence, news-projecting or related fields and experience of looking into online media on various stages, publicizing or an indistinguishable blend of guidance and experience. For a publicizing director, basically a long term advanced degree in promoting, displaying, correspondences, fund-raising, news-projecting and English is publicized. It will in general be displaced by more than 2 years of association with media displaying, publicizing or progression.

Promoting bosses are full-time and work on a very basic level in working environments. This occupation can be incredibly terrible once in a while, and PR managers consistently control various things at the same time. In this manner, the administrator of publicizing, the head of promoting, the coordinator of key trades, and the regulator of media relations could have different tasks for places that require practically identical capacities and convey comparative commitments.

Sometimes PR heads travel to different regions to meet allies, clients, or go to events. Promoting and assembling vows overseers now and again work a couple of hours to agree with time imperatives for adventures and events, and may run different events all the while.

The Staff Communications Coordinator leads and supports the District’s exchanges attempts and manages the District’s particular contraptions and stages. They moreover manage corporate dispersions, plan addresses, and supervise other publicizing to help senior organization. The Head of Alumni Communications and Relations reports to the Funds Director of Development and Marketing and works personally with the Stevenson Foundation bunch, which consolidates the Executive Director, Development Coordinator, S2C Program Manager and Administrative Board.

This occupation will offer administrative and boss assistance to the PR and PR office, primarily for the Director, Assistant Director, and Director of Marketing and Public Affairs. This position chiefly maintains the division through cutting edge trades stages, media relations sponsorship, and media creation. The in-house correspondences official works directly with the head of exchanges and promoting to help the cycles and frameworks in the workplace.

Specific Specialist School District n. 30 of Northbrook/Glenview at present arrangement full-time Communications Specialist positions. Publicizing Specialist Bremen High School District 228 There is at present a normal recommendation for work for Public Relations Specialist. Public Affairs Coordinator/Webmaster Plainfield School District 202 is enlisting a full-time Public Affairs Coordinator.

The publicizing master does promoting plans under the course of the boss and publicizing pioneers to propel events composed for suppliers, similar to praises merriments, fund-raising for great objective, and celebratory events for engineer clients, as critical, finish administrations, etc This position could require a regional travel to associations and work environments. The Public Affairs Officer is a full-time position that works Monday through Friday, but the officeholder of this position is open every day of the week to pay all due respects to emergencies, drills, and other related works out. A part of the typical promoting capable titles join correspondences facilitator, exchanges boss, and head of trades; media relations executive; Event coordinator; progressed strategist; Social media boss; publicizing coordinator; crisis the board trained professional; Corporate specialist; Responsible for public information; Content organizer; and regulator of publicizing (PR).

A publicizing (PR) calling incorporates the use of various kinds of media and trades to build, stay aware of, and manage a client’s standing. You don’t should be a Faulkner or a Shakespeare, yet a PR capable who understands the specialty of expressing will get more calling significant entryways and clients. While a capacity for public talking and strong decisive reasoning capacities are key for publicizing and assembling promises executives, incredible making capacities are furthermore expected to perceive clients’ targets, interface with groups, and guide them in needed heading.

A calling in PR grants you to be an imaginative, experienced communicator who moreover knows how to relate business targets to promoting work, triple-truly investigate their work, and guarantee they can check its worth. Making effective creating capacities and an obvious cognizance of AP style won’t simply lift your media responsibility tries, yet furthermore further foster your electronic media capacity, open doorways for guest distributing content to a blog, and help you with transforming into a fantastic reporter and storyteller for your affiliation . then again clients. We are looking for a cultivated mid-level PR capable seriously for reputation the chiefs, purchaser and industry designs, media planning and crisis correspondences.

Candidates could live in San Diego, yet this isn’t a need as this ignored transitory occupation is a far off passage level situation with in every way that really matters, maintained correspondences. Colleagues will be managed by inside coordinators and will work personally with all of Dittoe’s PR staff, from account facilitators to association the leaders. PR students work personally with B2 Communications staff and trailblazers, getting preparing, course and assist all through the range of the passage with evening out position.


In the 나나알바 camp world, look no farther than the American Camp Association. They have separate work sheets for summer business and the entire year legitimate work, which is amazingly cool and steady of them. Roundabout access Jobs works in intermittent gigs and has a gigantic stream of posts from a wide collection of adventures (friend raising, untamed life treatment, developing, day camps).

Resulting to making a free record, outside work has a combination of classes to peruse to restrict your request. Outside Magazine conveys a movement of “best workplaces” records consistently in various orders, and looking through their profiles of US outdoors publicizing and media associations is an unbelievable technique for noticing affiliations you should work for. For occupations in the domain of stuff and apparel (think bargains and exhibiting), Outdoor Jobs is a finished investigation device accepting you can manage how obviously muddled the site is. We decided to total a meta once-over of the most significant spots to get outside positions.

To show outside entertainment and essential senses, OutdoorEd is the best investigation site. Instagram has a huge association of rockin’ rollers who invest critical energy in the street lifestyle. Dynamic lifestyle brands are incredibly renowned by means of electronic media and it’s for the most part outstandingly easy to notice online organizations associated with climbing and camping out. Clients who follow such records are extraordinary for being dynamic lifestyle brand clients.

To guarantee everyone can see the value in sports and the outside extra, you should check Open Opportunities out. These are just a part of the habits in which we can add more insight to your clamoring seven day stretch of work. The following are one or two different ways you can work the entire day while at this point taking advantage of the recreation time you could need to get out and examine.

With any work, also a regular work, it will in general be hard to get an amazing chance to add insight to your life. A significant part of the time, these “small scale endeavors” don’t should be far away, they can be in your porch any spot you live.

Ought to be open to appear on Saturday or Sunday and have versatile evening hours. Pay your rental at Member Services arranged in the entrance of the Health and Recreation Center at whatever point before your arranged get date/time. Our bicycle and instrument fix master will meet you one-on-one by course of action exactly at the section to Outdoor Adventure Cove, arranged outside the Health and Recreation Center vehicle leave.

Representative – Atwood Homestead requires client support capacities and carefulness. Tips are associated with this client support organized position where you will include proper food managing and preparation methods for our club guests. This senior position is liable for turf care and equipment strategy on our greens.

The buyer works personally with charging, data examination/uncovering, account the board, publicizing and MAP consistence, the organization/purchasing bunch, the Outdoor Gear Exchange appropriation focus, and our suppliers and specialists. Foundation Sports + Outdoors Store partners are a crucial piece of client support at any Academy store. He is liable for giving speedy and friendly client backing to have the choice to investigate the flood of decisions the Academy offers that would be useful, as well as affecting shopper dependability, store efficiency and the Academy’s focal objective. Establishment Sports + Outdoors works north of 250 retail stores for hunting, fishing, outside, sports and outdoors gear.

Train staff; cash the board techniques; client help and cases managing; real use and backing of outside equipment; conclude client needs for fitting use and secure course of action; stock stuff for rent and resale; and movement of motorized reservation, assessing and stock organization systems. Direct, make, direction and advance outdoors gear rental organizations; give particular assistance and direction to staff, educators and clients; oversee and get ready workforce in the movement/upkeep of equipment, change and client help; achieve related work. Stay aware of thing data and essential data on shoes, climbing gear, climbing equipment, etc

At Outdoor Supply Company, we want to guarantee you have the secret sauce to keep you secured and ready to climb. It should be pleasant in a retail environment and somely influence the street.

In case climbing isn’t your thing, get in your vehicle on a Saturday and spend it climbing or in a lounger. Watches are an exceptional strategy for getting out into the external air, quiet the strain that has actually amassed at the start of the day, and cool down before the focal point of the day. The key to finding outside work here is the “middle zone” channel.

Complete this standard before making some work endlessly posting an errand. This standard will be used as another position depiction for the future delegate. This part will just prepopulate the contact information, work history, tutoring, etc that you gave on your LinkedIn profile on your Academy Sports + Outdoors business structure.

We are looking for individuals or couples who like contributing energy outside as camping area facilitators where you will meet visitors, assemble camping out costs, follow up suggestions for business and achieve minor help work. View full arrangement of working liabilities Assist our full-time exceed bunch with routine uncouth manual tasks. Outdoors Equipment Exchange Warehouse Department is looking for a full-time frame outline Warehouse Clerk whose crucial task is to restock the effort bunch reliably and get each coming extraordinary. The Outdoor Gear Exchange is a significantly agreeable working environment that offers extraordinary growth opportunities in the external region.

If you’re a confident financial specialist looking for an insignificant cost, for the most part safe business thought, camping out provisions might be fitting for you. Despite the long improvement of the movement business and camping out industry, there are moreover transient benefits of starting a camping out business as of now. With the philosophy of spring and summer, interest for camping out and outside things is depended upon to ascend, flawlessly for the more sultry months.


A senior position is a title conceded to a 노래방알바 cultivated a particular level in their master calling. In this article, we’ll analyze senior positions and what “senior” connotes in this particular situation. Knowing what “senior” connotes in an undertaking title can help you with choosing when to meet all prerequisites for a senior circumstance in your job.

Expecting you are pondering adding seniors to your circumstance, it is fundamental to ensure that your commitments in a particular position can satisfy this time requirement. Work titles could join various terms to show the level of the gig. The articulation “authority” in an errand title customarily insinuates a lower-level regulatory position.

A senior master could share a significant parcel of their work commitments and commitments with a boss. Significant level specialists have expansive experience and data in the business in which they work.

It isn’t critical to be a primary engineer if you are looking for a senior occasional work. Anyone with splendid social capacities and an energy for selling can do this occupation for seniors. These workers are an amazing decision for people who are looking for work for the old at home.

110 situations for the old will keep you pushing ahead helping your fellow individuals. Associations and individuals will enroll you for these retirement occupations. Use your social superpowers to quickly get senior positions.

Retirement tips to help you with finding work for seniors north of 70 or fundamentally a bigger number of than 60. You will learn strong tips on the most ideal way to get a nice profession and how to track down another profession as a senior. Capable arrangement that will help you with getting new master capacities or work on existing ones.

Talented skilled workers who are PC shrewd can get unbelievable situations for more prepared people. The program helps seniors with finding enduring work by reviving old capacities or dominating new ones. The program offers financed, limited time brief work knowledge through neighborhood, which engages seniors to secure the capacities expected for customary work.

Endorsed by the Older Americans Act, the program offers getting ready for low-pay, jobless seniors. The mark of the program is to outfit more prepared people with work capacities to help them get and keep ignored work. The Senior Employment Program fulfills the justification behind the program by placing individuals in government or non-benefit affiliations where they get compensated getting ready to work out in the open spots.

The Senior Employment Program offers individuals a yearly real appraisal, capacities planning, and backing organizations, for instance, assist with grant applications and permission to neighborhood resources for meet their fundamental necessities. The Senior Employment Program (SCSEP) is an assignment planning program upheld by the U.S. Part of Labor for individuals developed 55 and more prepared who need to work and need additional arrangement and business help. SCSEP is an errand planning program for Mississippi tenants developed 55 and over. For additional information about SCSEP programs in your space, use the CareerOneStops Legacy Finder or call the reciprocal helpline at 1-877-US2-JOBS (1-877-872-5627).

Work searchers, students and chiefs go to the Employ Florida site whenever work searchers need definite data to make informed business, planning, pay, mission for new business and selecting resource decisions. Put resources into a chance to observe new business open entryways and occupation searchers using the Employ Florida site.

Without a doubt, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and even Google quest for work can stretch out to remarkable open situations for seniors. Opening up a lower level quest for business will simply harm you and impact you to lose revolve around more prepared places that you are really prepared for. As Orville Pearson explains, this best in class quest for work technique is superior to truly investigating pieces of clothing, social capacities, and by and large appearance.

In case you have math, language and social capacities, contemplate these senior positions. A couple of senior positions require strong drive capacities as senior level individuals would go about as mentors or supervisors to cut down level agents.

Work titles can be huge, especially while you’re looking for another work or managing an expert achievement. As you advance in your picked calling, your work title will no doubt change.

Being an authority is moreover a work an astounding entryway for more prepared sports enthusiasts. Since you set your own plans, on-demand driving is maybe the most versatile transitory situations for senior.

These organizations stretch out to fitting work open doors for seniors with no driving experience aside from no past driving experience. The Occupational Outlook (OOH) Handbook communicates that a couple of circumstances in this occupation are parttime, which could settle on client care a good decision for seniors. Various more settled people need to continue to work in their master field without working day in and day out. Counting an undertaking inside the last year is ending up being progressively typical.

This article records a couple of senior situations taking into account different sorts of motivation. People are relied upon to guide a quest for work to get another profession outside the program with the objective that someone else can fill their chance. More prepared work searchers are locked in with a collection of neighborhood in government and non-benefit establishments, for instance, day care centers, nursing centers, schools and facilities.

As a part of a parttime brief work, individuals get a least compensation allowed by regulation that helps increase their compensation until they with tracking down a very tough profession. The goal is to help individuals with preparing for work while they ace new capacities, as such setting them up for business.

At the point when a business calls Senior Connections looking for a refined and qualified competitor for an errand, A Referral File people are assessed for work necessities and a gathering is reserved. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) program intends to offer experienced workers past 55 years of age the opportunity to use their knowledge and relevant work understanding to achieve huge work that helps the “environment” . Associations with other social and senior undertakings to help you with various pieces of your life.


One of the main Japanese apparel 알바 stores highlighting an enormous determination of present day style, adornments, sacks, shoes, undergarments and more from Japan, Hong Kong and Korea. Complete your in vogue and in vogue examine a practical and effectively reasonable manner by shopping at a quick style retailer rather than H and M, Gap, Forever 21 or Zara. An unfamiliar organization in Japan that possesses reasonable attire brands.

Kaomoji is a web-based design store roused by Japanese road style and anime culture, established in September 2015. Twin Armada is a Japanese clothing shopping site devoted to giving the most recent styles. I visited this store commonly and was intrigued by her jazzy apparel assortment.

This presents to us the revive as one of a kind and scrumptious strings of Japanese and global architects. Attempt our assortment and cause your admirers to remain alert with your reviving creativity. A portion of our exemplary top choices are Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, and so on

Wego produces cool, stylish and easygoing design in the city of Tokyo’s trendiest areas like Shibuya and Harajuku at reasonable costs. We have a colossal scope of current design and exemplary summer outfits for ladies.

Japan appears to have a fragile and jazzy desire for style and attire plan. I have gathered a rundown of the best Japanese dress stores in light of my own shopping experience and broad web research. Meanwhile, all attire and style embellishments made in Japan are accepted to be of excellent at reasonable costs.

For quite a long time, Japanese style has been one of the most amazing kept mysteries, particularly menswear. Yosuke Aizawa’s White Mountaineering is only one of various Japanese attire marks that have changed the force of practical, utilitarian garments into shocking style plan. In this sense, a manual for the best Japanese dress brands that Highsnobiety perusers should know.

Aizawa cooperated with Junya Watanabe to send off White Mountaineering in 2006, creating Arctic-propelled clothing with delightful subtleties like weaving, jacquard winds around, unpredictable examples and interesting mixes of textures. The garments are roused by the style of the Harajuku, the customary culture of Japan, and brightened such that makes them remarkably Japanese. Mathematical examples are conspicuous in Aizawa’s work, from sewed shirts to the excellent parquet floor of the Tokyo brand’s leader store.

Japanese easygoing wear is planned with extraordinary agreeable materials, for example, cotton, silk, polyester and calfskin in view of what kind of attire you need to wear. Japanese-roused clothing is combined with other Sugoi (road style) things, for example, Japanese coats, sacks, caps and tennis shoes, which are likewise accessible in our web-based store. On the off chance that you are searching for open to attire that joins Japanese style, these are the most ideal decision.

Current Japanese apparel consolidates different styles of Japanese design, for example, customary streetwear and tech wear, and joins them with different Western style styles to make a pristine style of outfit adjusted to the 21st century.

Yamaguchi-based Shoji, which runs a menswear store called Mens Shop Os, was established in March 1949 by Ube Yamaguchi’s base. In May 1984, the organization opened a gender neutral easygoing dress store in Fukuro Machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima, named after a special attire stockroom. One of the most well known contemporary Japanese apparel brands is Visvim, which started in 2000 when Hiroki Nakamura left his situation as planner for Burton Snowboard.

In November 1998, the organization opened its first metropolitan Uniqlo store in Tokyo’s stylish Harajuku region, and soon the power source spread to Japan’s significant urban areas as a whole. In 1997, Fast Retailing took on a progression of techniques from the American retailer Gap (otherwise called Spa Specialty Stores) as a private mark clothing retailer, for example They make their own dress and sell it on the web.

In 2002, the principal Chinese Uniqlo outlet opened in Shanghai, as well as four unfamiliar outlets in London, England. UniQLO’s German lead store was opened on 11 April 2014 in Tauentzienstraße in Berlin.

캐나다 밤알바 Movies

캐나다 밤알바 Movies is Latial won the first national award for best film and Mita won the first national award for best director. One of the first films made in Bangladesh after independence was Titash Ekti Nadir Naam (The River Named Titas), made in 1973 by renowned director Ritwik Gathak, whose authority in Bengali cinema is comparable to that of Satyajit Ray and Mrinal Seine. Mitas Latial (“Forward”) were the best films of 1975.

South Korean films such as Lee Byeong-il’s 1956 comedy Sijibganeun nal (“Wedding Day”) began to win international awards. In contrast to the early 1950s, when only 5 films were made a year, 111 films were made in South Korea in 1959. Over the next decade, Indian cinema production averaged 27 films a year.

In the decades that followed, Asian American films and videos openly explored the creation of images that were too experimental, too whimsical, too label-resistant to be conveniently assembled into an ordered corpus. Meanwhile, Asian American film festivals in Chicago, San Diego, Washington, DC, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, Austin, and elsewhere have emerged to promote and showcase these new works.

From edgy social commentary, fantasy animation and immersive non-fiction to smart action films, lyrical character explorations and pseudo-documentary horror, these have been the best films to come out in Asia this year. Director Bangjong Pisanthanakun (Shutter) and writer Na Hong Jin (Scream) are two Asian horror legends of the 21st century – no wonder Wednesday is the scariest supernatural movie of 2021. Minari, directed by Lee Isaac Chung, is a Korean-language film that made it into the 2021 awards season.

The film pays homage to the mature and now enduring realm of Chinese animation, complete with the right cultural references that American films like Kung Fu Panda have missed. Meanwhile, the film deeply explores the academic culture of Thailand and Asian countries in general, dramatizing a student cheating program. Both of Hamaguchi’s films are languid, instructive, and closely watched parables of ordinary people who are forced to reformulate their sense of self.

The elegant dialogues and meaningful microexpressions in his films turn out to be far more engaging than even the more expensive computer fantasy of today’s popcorn hits. No other film in Asia compares to Hamaguchi’s 2021 pair of masterpieces. But with an icon of Chinese cinema and the Golden Lion of Venice, Jia Zhangke (Still Life), a master of naturalistic cinema, on board as co-writer. Producer of Neangsa’s first feature film, this Cambodian gem reaches even greater heights. It’s two out of two for Taiwanese director Chung Mong-Hong, who was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best International Feature Film last year for his crime epic family drama The Sun (streaming on Netflix).

The Korean horror film was the highest-grossing film in South Korea and Hong Kong in 2016. The energetic director Yoo Seung-wan and the superbly executed Escape from Mogadishu are the most enjoyable and exciting action films of the year. This brilliantly watched and dazzlingly animated sci-fi tale of our lives online and offline is Hosoda’s best film since 2012’s Children of the Wolf.

As the title suggests, this movie is connected and stripped of frills to reflect on life itself. The first Asian-American film on this list, Lulu Wangs The Farewell, deals with the cultural rift between an immigrant and his family back home. The show is about a Korean-Canadian family who runs their beloved Kims Convenience convenience store in downtown Toronto.

They portray and celebrate a wide range of people and cultures, from the Pacific to the United States. These films are the cornerstone of a long and continuous journey to be seen and heard in theaters and at home, and we celebrate these contemporary hits and everything that came before them with 65 of the best Asian American films. In this list, you will find Asian-American films made in English, as well as films in their native language with subtitles. Then, when the nominations for the 2022 Oscars for Best International Feature Film are announced on December 21, we delve into the most exciting films shown from East Asia.

The change in trends in East Asian cinema has already been evident at the Academy Awards, where Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea have been shortlisted for best international feature film over the past three years (with Parasite winning in 2020). Clearly, it’s time for canon, a series of films that fans can debate but that make the existence of Asian American cinema undeniable and generate some consensus about their quality and cultural impact. But Bong’s words endure as contemporary Western cinema changes to embrace Asian films stoked internationally and nationally – not just a sub-category of accolades but also a source of traditional entertainment. But the renaissance of Korean cinema has continued for most of the 21st century, thanks to directors such as Park Chang Wook, Bong Joon Ho, Yong Sang Ho, and Lee Chang Dong.

Netflix has a pretty good selection of Korean content, including 35 movies and 179 TV shows, including several Netflix originals. South Asian American films include: Big Sick, Namesake and Meet Pateli. They are limited to films made by a large number of Asian Americans during this period (2000-2019). Iconic historical films are featured here, including The Missing Zhang, The Joy Luck Club, and Good Luck Tomorrow.

The origin of movies such as “Black Swan” comes from the Japanese anime movie “Perfect Blue”. East Asian films feature films from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea, including the Japanese animation industry and Hong Kong action films. Asian Cinema refers to the film industry and films produced on the Asian continent. But in the United States and other countries, it is often only used to refer to films in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia.

The Asian-American experience sometimes involves traveling to a “native” foreign country, as evidenced by films such as Always Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Come Back to China, and Cavite. Asia is prominent in the rapidly changing global economic and cultural landscape.

AFMI serves as a networking platform for NYU faculty and students with an interest in Asian film and media. We organize or support public events dedicated to Asian cinema and media, on our own or in partnership with other NYU institutions and Asian cultural institutions in the Capital Region. Hu is the art director of the Pacific Arts Movement and organizer of the San Diego Asian Film Festival.

The film, shown in Thailand this year, is another joint project between the two countries that includes South Korea. The first Korean show ever to reach the top of the Netflix Top 10 in the United States, it is the platform’s number one series worldwide and is currently on its way to becoming the most watched Netflix series ever: Usurpation. . Netflix introduced its audience to high-budget Southeast Asian sci-fi with the Chinese film The Wandering Earth, a jumbled story that was still a pleasure to watch.

South American 여성알바

South American 여성알바 is A gripping film about loss and regret, arguably one of the best works of Alejandro González Iñárritus, it stars well-known faces of Latin American cinema, including Gael García Bernal, responsible for the dog that sets the film in motion – Kofi (Coffee) – and colleague each story to the next. This 2014 film directed by Alonso Ruizpalacios is very beautiful and breathtaking. It tells the story of a young man from Veracruz who moves to Mexico City to live with his older brother. The film will make you fall in love with the city without idealizing it or ignoring its flaws such as racism and classism.

For those who love South American history, cute Chilean accents and retro 80s style, this movie is breathtaking. The film is set in the late 18th century. The film is about American “cleric” Don Diego de Zama serving a foreign royal family, dreaming of leaving what he sees as a “despicable apocalypse” in northern Argentina.

In Llorón, the narrator reproduces the legend of the weeping woman, popular throughout Latin America, and introduces the popular character as an avenger for all the slain. He is a murderer and a drug addict, plus at some point he splits into two characters.

What He Looks Like is a hopeful movie, unlike some of the dramas on the list. José is a 19-year-old man who lives with his mother in Guatemala, one of the most violent and religious countries in Latin America.

But the threat of cartel violence forces a rescue move to Queens, New York. Introspective and imaginative in its execution, I’m Not Here Anymore takes the form of an immigration narrative as the protagonist flees to New York to save his family’s life. The film shows a different perspective on the history of undocumented immigrants.

Although the film was not initially well received by the public and critics, it has since been recognized as one of the highlights of Latin American cinema. The film based on the short story by Senel Paz “The Wolf, the Forest and the New Man” (El Lobo, el bosque y el hombre nuevo) was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1994.

Mary Full of Grace is set in Columbia, but filmed between Columbia and New York. It is a spin-off of the Brazilian television series of the same name, which was a spin-off of City of God. This film was also co-produced by City of God director Fernando Meirelles and features the same cast.

According to Rivera, the film, which premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, “was the fruit of love.” Arguably the best film ever released in Argentina, El secreto de sus ojos won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2009.

Set in the Colombian subculture of Monterrey, Mexico, this coming-of-age drama directed by Fernando Frias de la Parra serves as a window into a never-before-seen personality born from a tangle of influences. As tender as some of the other immigration stories, this delightful hybrid story by Samuel Kishi follows two young Mexican brothers and their mother as they start a new life in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

A ghostly entity, artfully presented in an ambiguous way, haunts them for demanding justice in a film that serves as both a political allegory and a spectacular horror film.

This new concept of “La Llorona” as a vigilante “changes the macho narrative,” Bustamante told NBCNews in a phone interview during the Guadalajara Film Festival. But frontier stories, or those that take place in Latin America, do not fill the void left by the absence of Latin American narratives. We have many films about the Latin American experience, only non-American ones.

Every year, many films from Mexico and South America are shown in film festivals and theaters. Time to check out these 10 LGBT-themed movies that were also shot in Latin America. Most of these films are recent, so they allow us to assess the current state of this community in different parts of Latin America. Argentina has one of the highest productions of LGBT-themed films in the region, the most recent being Marco Bergers’ Blonde.

Rome is the most famous Latin American film of recent years and the most popular film originally produced by Netflix. The film was the Uruguayan nominee for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film but was not nominated.

The film can be enjoyed even if you are not interested in real political references. Basically, it’s an incredibly good movie (yes, as useful as its title) that I don’t recommend watching on a day when you’re not feeling very well. After watching these films, your taste for cinema will expand significantly.

More importantly, you will be more interested in watching the rest of the Latin American films that are not included in this list. If you love to binge watch and love Latin American movies, check out our list of the best Latin American movies on Netflix. We have a huge list of films from some of the top Latin American directors available for streaming, including several films for the 2021 Academy Awards.

A politically charged horror film, a touching same-sex love story, a bloody documentary about Venezuela, and a Chilean blockbuster about a real-life prison break — these are our picks. These are 10 films with themes related to the LGBT community and also filmed in Latin America. We’re happy to list here international films set in the African continent, some notable Latin American films, and even some lesser-known South American directors. It’s no secret that some of the best art films are made in Latin America, especially Mexico, so it’s not easy to narrow it down to 10 films.

GAIO’s list of the best Latin American films includes films from Mexico, Cuba, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil by such acclaimed directors as Alfonso Cuarón, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Guillermo del Toro and the late (and infamous) Luis Buñuel. The rating is based on a survey of 97 international film programs and film festivals from America and Europe, conducted by a New York-based non-profit organization, the leading Latin American film personality in the United States. A total of 234 films were mentioned in the survey, which were then screened to reveal the selection below. The easiest way to do this is to include foreign films on our checklist.

Feature films and documentaries offer an excellent vehicle for understanding the history, politics and culture of Latin America and the Caribbean. Since the 1960s, national film schools have been established in most countries, and directors, screenwriters, and even some actors have received recognition outside of Latin America. That’s why, while we’re watching National Hispanic Heritage Month, I’ve put together a list of must-see films dedicated to Latin American protagonists. Among them, Latin American cinema continues to make a splash at home and abroad with inspiring stories from artists with a keen eye for socio-political issues.

Hong Kong 여성고수익알바

Hong Kong 여성고수익알바 is As long as you can read the subtitles, Hard Boiled is a useful image for action movie fans who like the one-man army action genre. When you watch Police Story, there’s no way to argue that the movie made Jackie Chan an action hero. Some say it’s the movie that made Jackie Chan an action movie star, and when it comes to police stories, it’s hard to argue with that rating.

A fairly obscure film is one of Chan’s best films, Project A, an early 1980s action film in which Chan plays Sergeant Lung, who is supposed to help the Hong Kong Navy fight pirates. It’s fast-paced and exciting, and it’s on par with the best American crime films of the 80s. An unrivaled gem of the Hong Kong cinematic canon, the film is incredibly sensual thanks to an on-screen chemistry between actors Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung that is so strong it almost extends off-screen.

The Western-style Golden Reel Restaurant was one of the few locations actually filmed in Hong Kong, as most of the film was filmed in Bangkok to better capture the atmosphere of a 1960s Asian metropolis. The 2000s were great for modern kung fu films and director Stephen Chow was at the helm of some of the best, one of which was Kung Fu Hustle, which tells the story of a gangster who wants to join an infamous Shanghai gang. . 1940s. Full of action that doesn’t go overboard, Kung Fu Hustle is a worthy movie to watch for fans of western action movies.

Hard Boiled doesn’t back down from the action, and if you can read the subtitles, this movie is a worthy watch for action fans who love a one-man army action hero movie. From beginning to end, the film keeps you on your toes as it follows three friends who have fled Hong Kong to start a life of crime in Saigon. This Hong Kong movie rolled the dice and got a seven when it came to gambling movies. Loyalty, rivalry and repetitive battles are Hong Kong’s explosive response to the godfather.

One of the greatest Hong Kong directors of all time, Wong Kar Wai, Chungking Express is a love letter to the city itself. The film is divided into two stories, the first is about a Taiwanese police officer who falls in love with a woman connected to the city’s underworld. In the second, an unnamed police officer falls in love with a woman who works at her local diner.

Behind the captivating visual palette lies a pent-up love story that finds its worthy conclusion in the ruins of Angkor Wat – a sublime touch of storytelling that makes In the Mood for Love as close to perfection as a Hong Kong film. . And so, our biggest Hong Kong film ends with a quote from writer Liu Yi-Chang’s short story “Crossing,” which inspired Wong Kar-wai to capture the uncertain relationship between two would-be lovers who briefly crossed paths. forever. The film made this list not necessarily because of its story — a romantic raving whose racial and sexual politics make it now comically dated — but because it was filmed in 1960s Hong Kong and captured a side of the city that isn’t there. Despite the industry crisis that began in the mid-1990s and Hong Kong’s transition to Chinese sovereignty in July 1997, Hong Kong cinema has retained much of its identity and continues to play a leading role on the global film scene.

Hong Kong cinema has been a dominant force in the film industry since the 1970s and was one of the first to expand outside of Asia, with studios such as Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest paving the way for international stars such as Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. At the same time, directors such as Xu An and Wong Kar Wai created a new wave in Hong Kong and produced more “art” films with social, economic and political themes, starring actors such as Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung. This marked a turning point for the industry, moving from a woman-centred, gender-centred system to a militant-centric one (see also article on Hong Kong militants). Infernal Affairs marks a bold new movement in Asian cinema, with directors such as Park Chan-wook (Old Boy) and Takashi Miike (auditing) involved.

Wong Kar-Wai achieved international fame for his romanticizing of downtown Kowloon with “Chongqing Express” (1994) and “Fallen Angels” (1995), while the identity crisis caused by the midnight delivery on June 30, 1997 was reinforced by “Chen Guo” three. Inspiration for the part. Made in Hong Kong (1997), Longest Summer (1998) and Xiao Cheng (1999). Photographing Lan Kwai Fong and Kowloon without permission, working closely with renegade photographer Christopher Doyle, on the eve of the handover in 1997, he realized a stylish take on the city as Hong Kong and its people raced toward an uncertain future vision.

Credit for making the first Hong Kong feature film is usually attributed to Zhuangzi Rehearsing His Wife (1913), which also took its story from the opera stage, was staged by a theater director and saw Brodsky’s participation. Zhuangzhi was the only film produced by the Chinese American Film Company, founded by Lai and Brodsky as Hong Kong’s first film studio, and was never actually shown in the territory (Stokes and Hoover, 1999). Such material was not as stigmatized in Hong Kong as in most Western countries; was more or less part of the mainstream, sometimes featuring well-known directors such as Chor Yuen and Li Han Xiang, and often crossed over with other popular genres such as martial arts, costume films, and above all comedy (Teo, 1997; Yang, 2003).

Martial arts, horror, crime thrillers, exploitation, romantic dramas, slapstick comedies and other genres were spurred by location filming on busy city streets, with an unprecedented number of productions filmed during the boom of the local industry in the early years of the 80s. until the mid 90s. While many of the best Hong Kong films of 2020 were action and crime thrillers, many of the best Hong Kong films of 2020 are more heartfelt dramas that highlight the struggles of the common people who live there.

Enter the Fat Dragon is hardly a serious movie, but Jens’ novelty away from kung fu movies, combined with his great acting, made the film one of our best Hong Kong movies of 2020 list. the award-winning work of the First Feature Film Initiative, the Hong Kong government’s plan to help the film industry find new talent. This film about the life of Chinese opera master Yu Jim-yuen (Sammo Hong) won Best Actor and Best Cinematography at the 8th Hong Kong Film Awards. Yoo Jim-yuen studied at the Chinese Academy of Drama and became a master of his craft.

The film industry, in its representation of Hong Kong, shows the realities of different eras, cultures, stories, and offers wonderful life lessons that we can learn and apply. This year, the Hong Kong film industry has turned more to local independent films, and we celebrate at Cinema Escapist.

Canadian 밤알바 직업소개소

Canadian 밤알바 직업소개소 is Starbucks won the 2012 Genie Awards for Best Original Screenplay and the Golden Reel for the highest-grossing Canadian film of the year. It also won the Best Canadian Film Award at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. Possibly the best and by far the funniest of the cultural community films of the 1990s, it (briefly) reinvigorated Canadian cinema.

Lasse Hallstroms’ film based on Annie Proulx’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Shipping News basks in the often-forgotten beauty of Canada’s east coast. Reality, fantasy and memory are perfectly intertwined in this portrait of director Guy Maddins’ hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

On the fringes of society in a remote part of the French-Canadian countryside, the fragile relationship and unusual love lives of father and daughter are endangered by dark and unforeseen circumstances. A group of bankrupt Canadian punk rockers come together to remember a close friend they would have shot, or so the rumor goes. An emotionally immature underwater photographer returns home after an affair with his best friend, a deaf girlfriend, and unresolved issues with his wife that he left six months ago.

His mind slowly returns to the realm created by his illness, where he relives a vital part of his childhood. William, once an obese and depressed teenager, manages to survive his teenage years when he moves to the city and comes out as gay. In fact, he studied Canadian politics and international relations before embarking on a film career (winning a television competition in 1993 where he traveled the world making short films along the way).

Perhaps best known for his films Kongorama, especially M. Lazhar, which will make you laugh out loud. The highest-grossing Canadian film of 2013, the true biography of self-made strongman Louis Cyr is Canada’s rarest work, a historical biopic inspired by real life. In addition to recreating the atmosphere of Quebec cities like Montreal and Longueuil, Luis Saias’ film also showcases the importance of hockey in Canadian culture and the persistence of Quebec male stereotypes.

The following is a list of films made in the decades spanning a wide variety of genres, themes, and styles made in Canada. I chose not to include shorts, so don’t expect something like “Norman McLaren’s Neighbors” to appear on the list.

Some will consider the list populist and will choose only narrative films. When it comes to a list like this that consists of ten (or more) representative or top Canadian films, some people will try to make the list as representative as possible (by genre, genre, time period, etc.). My top ten list is a very extensive beast, including links to other great Canadian films and artists so we can do justice to the diversity of our cinemas. My list of feature films includes a selection of cornice films that I believe represent the diversity and creativity of Canadian cinema.

If you consider yourself a cinephile, this alphabetical review of the great Canadian films by film critic Linda Barnard will make you nod in agreement. The list, which is not included in the annual list of the top ten Canadian films released that year, was published in 1993, 2004 and 2015. TIFF did not provide respondents with a list of films to choose from.

We’ve also put our film department to the test by requesting NOW nominations for Susan Cole, Glenn Sumi, Norman Wilner, Radheyan Simonpillai and Kevin Ritchie for their selection of the best Canadian films of all time. The list named The Room (2015) the best Canadian film, followed by the Oscar-nominated Inflammations and the cult holiday classic A Christmas Carol (1983). The listings are available on their website, where you can also learn about each movie, and in some cases watch the entire movie, clip, or documentary about the movie.

There are British imports, classic and contemporary Canadian films, and strange American hits… like this wonderfully twisted 2019 murder mystery by Daniel Craig, which is the closest thing the service has to “going out of action” (I’ll take it!). The themes of freedom and power in the family are far from new, but Toomey’s sincere direction, the subtle animation of her crew, and Anita Doron’s subtle adaptation of the novel by Canadian writer Deborah Ellis round out a powerful story. With Denzel Washington as the pretender to the king and Frances McDormand as his lady, the black-and-white film is powerful and gripping.

The film features cameos from famous Canadians such as comedians Louis-Jose Hoodet and Rick Mercer, as well as actor Sylvain Marcel, known for his Familiprix drugstore ads. This film is also a perfect example of Canadian bilingualism at its best, as the film comes in two similar but different versions: English and French. This historical Canadian film is the first feature film ever made in the Inuktitut language and prides itself on its authenticity.

This is a 1970 classic that proved that British Canadians are capable of making films other than National Film Board documentaries. Rhombus Media has made some great music documentaries, but Thirty-Two Glenn Gould Shorts is an unexpected triumph that pushes the formal boundaries of the genre. This year’s Festival Center productions are I Love a Man in Uniform and Zero Patience, the first AIDS-themed musical to be approved by ACT UP. Writer-director William Phillips’ 2010 comedy Unarmed Western plays on Canadians’ reputation for being polite and friendly.

NNNNN Mr. Lazar is a tender and moving drama that captures the pulse of elementary school politics and Canadian immigration. From 1981 to 1987, director Trogy made two of the funniest adult films in Canadian cinema history, about the rise of the Italian population in Quebec society. Somehow, Bob Clark found time to make two iconic Canadian horror films in one year.

While 2005’s Brokeback is set in a fictional region of Wyoming, the film’s Rocky Mountains and lush evergreen forests belong to the Canadian Rockies and southern Alberta. Filmed at several locations in British Columbia and Ontario, it showcases the haunting beauty and remoteness of the icy northern landscape. There, she won Best Actress for Suzanne Clement and Queer Palm for Best LGBT Film at the festival.

In addition, we have proposed to the National Film Board of Canada that each feature film be paired with a French-Canadian short film that we offer for free viewing. Québec Film Ratings are NOT part of the CHVRS and are administered by the Québec Minister of Culture and Communications. The CHVRS came into effect in May 1995 based on proposals from representatives of the Canadian industry, the Filmmakers Association of Canada, and provincial classification committees (outside of Quebec). As stated on the Government of Ontario website, the Film Content Information Act 2020 no longer requires ratings for films shown in Ontario.

Italian 고소득알바

Italian 고소득알바 is Some of his most famous films are Fifa and Arena, Toto al Giro d’Italia, Toto Sheikko, Guards and Thieves, Toto and Women, Toto Tarzan, Toto the Third Man, Toto in Color (one of the first Italian color films, 1952, in Ferraniacolor), I soliti ignoti, Totò, Peppino and the malafemmina, Law and law. A film to enjoy – like a long lunch, pardon the pun – made on a small budget (500,000 euros) and an original setting (a real house of directors), but gave life to a little gem of Italian cinema. Italian director Frank Capra has won three Academy Awards for Best Director for It Happened One Night (the first Big Five winner at the Academy Awards), Mr.

When you first watch an Italian movie on Netflix, turn on these English subtitles. If you’re looking for a wellness movie that has the perfect mix of comedy and drama, Sotto il sole di Riccione is a great choice to help you learn informal Italian and slang spoken by young Italians. It is in the first part of the Italian explorations, when the director and his star seem to really work in tandem to give you a woman on the verge of an existential breakdown, that the film turns into something almost experiential, plunging you into these characters in a precarious world and unstable. For this reason, you need to make sure that you watch the movie with subtitles in Italian and English to help you with the difficulties.

This work is arguably De Sikas’ masterpiece and one of the most significant works of Italian cinema. The famous Italian actor Claudio Bisio plays the title role in this movie and he does a great job in his role.

Several countries have accused Italian studios of pushing the boundaries of acceptability with their Nazi exploitation films of the late 1970s inspired by American films such as Ilse, She-Wolf of the SS. Italy is the cradle of art cinema and the stylistic aspect of cinema has been the most important factor in the history of Italian cinema. They also allowed Italian film producers to have enough income to produce successful feature films.

Here we have selected the best Italian films of all time, of all genres, from international blockbusters to national indies, many of which take place in the Eternal City that is Rome. This subgenre is a collection of graphically violent films that typically depict the cannibalism of indigenous Stone Age primitives deep in the rainforests of Asia or South America.

Based on the novel of the same name by Italian author Alberto Moravia, the film marks the beginning of a series of masterpieces by the great Bertolucci. The film is also a great way to learn past Italian words and pronunciation. This film is a great way to learn Italian related to politics, elections and even books. So it’s natural for us to be drawn to films set in Italy or about Italy, even if they weren’t shot entirely in Italy.

You will soon see that the use of subtitles is the key to understanding everything in Italian when watching entertaining films made for native speakers (and not limited to oversimplified dialogue for students). It’s certainly not for the faint of heart, but it can shake up your Italian a bit. But when we asked our editors which Italian films they liked the most, they chose far more than the classics.

Movie theaters across the country will also enjoy the longest interval to date from the theatrical premiere of “Hand of God” to its Netflix premiere. Currently, clips on the movie’s title page only include original Italian audio with multiple subtitle options, including English, Arabic, French, and Polish.

This is the sum total of Fellini’s cinematic concepts, a masterpiece of artistic life. He just won Best Foreign Language Film for Life Is Beautiful. Good Guys, Bad Guys, Ugly, on the other hand, was made on a fantasy budget (Sergio Leone’s first two films were very successful), and Leone became one of the few non-Americans to be admired for Westerns one of the directors. The most American genre, according to some critics, is the most American “cultural product” of all time.

Then comes Salvatore Di Vita, an orphaned child, and his friendship with Alfredo, an old cinema projectionist. But Italian Studies, despite its often documentary-style outdoor footage, is not a realistic story.

His character will eventually return to remember his life before the reboot. There are so many films that have used amnesia as a universal dramatic cliché or as an easy source of conflict, pathos, or pity.

Federici is also working on a new comedy, The Astronauts. The thrill revolves from whether this person can make it through the night to whether the film can make it to the end credits, which is certainly a less than attractive prospect. However, Italian research has long been turning this memory loss journey into a low-power cable, an unpredictable walk into the unknown.

It was designed by Giuseppe Patricolo, an architect best known for the restoration of medieval buildings in his hometown of Palermo. There are also palm trees leading up to the property, some of which surround a bust of, you guessed it, Baron Pennisey.

French 업소 알바

French 업소 알바 is You will learn more when you have fun and that’s why while watching movies it can feel like you are slowing down if you do it in French, it’s just another learning process. Watching a movie in French is a truly remarkable achievement, but if you really want to improve, you need to do it regularly. Understanding films in French is a BIG problem, so don’t be discouraged if you can’t.

Learning French for beginners from movies may not seem like the most obvious option, but there are a huge number of films you can immerse yourself in. Although in this post we will focus on films suitable for beginners, there are more than enough existing French films of varying degrees. This means that as you progress on your French language journey, you will never run out of great movies to watch. So while you may have thought that French films were too difficult for you before, rest assured that there are plenty of French films that you can watch and understand with ease.

In order to reflect society and the relentless quest to change the world, French cinema seems to have little appreciation for genres such as horror, romantic comedies, crime, musicals, etc. The best French films are not just the product of a Frenchman working closely with a French team, they present the film as an entelechy: for a century, directors have been mining the source code of this particular form of narrative, pushing it towards Equally transcendent territory. , and terrifying. From the seminal era of the Lumiere brothers, to the revolutionary new wave that expanded our understanding of the potential of cinema, to the recent theatrical experience championed in the country, France has been driving cinema forward by reminding us of the way we love it. one. Hollywood may be the undisputed king of the global film industry, but modern cinema owes its existence entirely to the French.

Even during World War II, French cinema continued to make great films. These days, however, it keeps popping up in lists of the best French movies of all time. Beginning with American box office blockbusters like The Artist and Selfless, and ending with more personal films that still managed to impress many French and Americans, such as Faces Places (Visages, Villages), Les Miserables o BPM , beats per minute (120 beats per minute).

Either way, in this countdown of the best French films released between 1902 and 2019, you’ll find plenty to fire up your Francophile fantasy. So to help you learn French, we’ve compiled a list of the best French movies on Netflix that features films from France and the wider French-speaking world. All French films listed here are available to watch online for no more than a coffee with milk, and for your viewing convenience, we have included links where you can watch them.

The 100 films that make up this list represent the best French-language films; the more we obsess about describing what these films have in common, the more we lose sight of what “French-language films” means. The best French cinema of the 21st century reminds us why France is as important to cinema as the lighting itself. Modern French cinema flourished, shining brightly on the world map. From sultry thrillers to mind-blowing 3D experiments to one of the most heartbreaking and honest love stories of all time, here are 25 of the best French films of the 21st century.

Keep in mind that these are not the most famous French films or classics, but they are listed here as they are fairly easy to understand for French learners. Whether you’re staying at home or just settling in, here are the French movies to watch on Netflix in June 2021.

Today, there are also plenty of French movies to watch on other streaming channels like HBO and Amazon Prime. Of course, you can watch all of your favorite French Disney cartoons, even dubbed versions of classics like Mary Poppins*.

The film influenced the development of the French animation industry and remains extremely popular to this day. Beloved French writer Daniel Pennac wrote the screenplay for the film, and the film was nominated for an Oscar and a César in the Best Animated Film category.

The film won the “Cinephiles of the Future” award at the European Film Festival in Seville, was nominated for several other French film awards and was widely acclaimed as a fun and engaging film version where an inspiring teacher meets youth at risk. The film is uplifting and touching, a particularly pleasant introduction to the world of French cinema in general. The characters in the film are quoting the same piece of French poetry, and it’s a fun way to peek into the world of creative French without getting confused.

Despite being a children’s film, this French film is poetic and its design is truly magical. This whimsical animated film is based on a series of Belgian books about an unexpected friendship between a mouse and a bear.

This silent black-and-white homage to Hollywood’s golden age was a worldwide hit and had a happy ending at the Academy Awards, where the film won Best Picture. Set in 1975 Cambodia, this animated film follows a family on the run and then held back by the Khmer Rouge, separated but always looking for each other. Based on the research of Denis Dos and the recollections of his Cambodian mother, Funan is nothing more than a weepy person. Based on the 2010 French graphic novel by Julie Marot, the film is about 15-year-old Adele (Adèle Exarchopoulos) who blindly believes that a girl should date boys.

Loved by French students and anyone who dreams of living in Paris, Amelie is probably one of the most famous French films in the English speaking world. Celine Schiamma (“Water Lilies”, “Tomboy”) has established herself as one of the best French writers and directors of the last decade. The best road movie of 2016 was this delightful film by New Wave pioneer Agnes Warda and photographer JR.

Director Claude Chabrol is often referred to as the French Hitchcock, but a film like the haunting The Ceremony reveals a stark difference between the two directors. Jean-Luc Godard’s Bour de Soufflé was released in North America under the title Breathless and brought French New Wave cinema to international attention. The umbrellas of Cherbourg are a must see, and The Girls of Rochefort and The Singer are two of the greatest French musical films ever made. Nominated for an Oscar just as we are writing these words, Les Misérables is a tense and exciting experience working on projects in Paris, a part of France often left out of French cinema.

One of the highest-grossing films of all time for a French film (even in the US despite mixed reviews), The Untouchables is no wonder it has already become a cult film. This is one of the greatest French films of all time and a terrific teen movie. It’s also nice to watch (without subtitles) if your French is rusty, as Patricia’s American accent and Michels’ slow accent make it easy to understand.